Our mission

Our mission is to promote, enable and facilitate inclusive activities, which embrace and address the education, training, employment, welfare, health, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community and district.



Our Vision

To be an innovative, dynamic and collaborative community that strengthens participation, inclusion, diversity and resilience.

Our Values

Hillields Family & Community Trust is committed to creating and maintaining a community that respects and values diverse life experiences. Where the overarching belief is that everyone deserves respect and acceptance without bias. This is now we engage the perspectives and voices of our community.




Hillfields Family & Community Trust aims to:

  • Provide a base for finding innovative solutions to local problems

  • Promote programs and activities that build community capacity and resilience.

  • Network and partner with organisations and groups to meet community needs and aspirations

  • Provide access to advice and information for all sections of the community

  • Consult with the local community so that we keep up to date with local issues and where possible, advocate and support the local community.

  • Be financially sustainable.


Contact Hillfields Family & Community Trust

e-mail: info@hillfields.community

Address: Hillfields Community Hub Thicket Ave Bristol BS16 4EH

Tel: 3772727

Mobile: 07799521007