Community Feedback

Thank you very much to everyone who recently completed our community survey. Your feedback is really important to us!


Overall the feedback was positive with strong support for most of the suggestions.

The most favourable items include:













- Low Impact Living
 - Affordable to run homes
- Local Hillfields people on
the Homes Choice Waiting
List Getting homes


- Children able to play in the streets

  (in Hillfields generally)

...and the Relationship with The Hub   


Some other interesting comments


- incorporating wider community

activities/projects, largely outdoor,

such as:

tree planting, gardening,

forest school, outdoor exercise

groups etc. 


- Requests to consider

Passivehaus standard.


- Concern about the resident

selection process and ensuring

that it is unbiased.

We are incorporating all of your feedback and brilliant ideas into our ever evolving plan. Thanks again so much.


We really look forward to our next community event and are really hopeful that we may even be able to meet in person over the summer.

Relationship with the Hub.png

The Winners!

Congratulations to Sarah and Kim who won our prizes by participating in the survey.

2 course meal for two


The Olive Tree, Fishponds Road

Meal for two


Guru J's,

 Staple Hill

Thanks very much to both restaurants!

Both restaurants are new and local to Hillfields, we thouroughly recommend checking them out for a delicious treat and to support our local businesses. 

So what is this all about?


Basically, next door to the community centre there is a piece of land that is currently host to various types of anti-social behaviour and fly tipping. The Hillfields Hub has secured some funding to enable us to develop the site into much needed affordable homes to house local people. The homes will be built and managed by the Hub, with any profit being held by the Hub for the purpose of benefiting the local community of Hillfields.

Our vision for the project is support a thriving and flourishing community in Hillfields, both through providing homes for people who need them, but also through retaining community owned assets that can only ever be used for the benefit of local people.

The homes themselves will be good quality, energy efficient; which will make them cost effective to run and environmentally sustainable - all things that are essential when homes are designed for the people who live in them, rather than for the people who are selling them for profit!

We believe in positive change for Hillfields and see this project as a good opportunity. Please get in touch if you are interested to learn more, have ideas or would like to get involved in some way.



We would love to hear for you!

Please write to

The Architects Competition


Thank you to all who participated in the architects competition. We are delighted to now be working with Agile Design. Enjoy their brilliant intro video below to learn more about who they are and how we are working together.

The Project Steering Group


Thank you for your interest and support, all steering group positions have now been filled! However please do get in touch with Leah at if you are interested in getting involved