The winners of the architect competition and team selected to design the community led housing in Hillfields is

Agile Architects!

Well done and Hillfields Family & community Trust are looking forward to working with you to build amazing homes!


Hillfields Family & Community Trust is currently is set to develop a piece of former waste land to the side of the Hub.


HF&CT will build around 10 new homes to benefit local people and those wanting to put down roots in the area.


The housing will consist of a combination of flats and houses with parking and gardens. It is important that the new housing fits with the existing houses in Hillfields.

The project at is one of many community-led schemes being proposed in Bristol and the Hillfields project is being supported by Bristol and Bath Regional Capital who have previously worked with projects in Southmead and Lawrence Weston. 


This role will be hugely rewarding, working with the views and needs of the local community as well as collaborating with stakeholders across the city to enable maximum beneficial impact.


As a Steering Committee Volunteer you will have the opportunity to use your knowledge and expertise to make a difference for local people, your Community, City and Sector. You will also have the chance to meet new and inspiring people. 


Contact Hillfields Family & Community Trust


Address: Hillfields Community Hub Thicket Ave Bristol BS16 4EH

Tel: 3772727

Mobile: 07799521007