Hillfields is 100 years old in 2019

The 1919 Housing and Town Planning Act (often referred to as The Addison Act or Scheme after Christopher Addison, the minister who was largely responsible for its implementation) saw the start of the post-First World War council owned house building programme and the development of the first large-scale council estates. Hillfields was built for the returning soldiers 'Homes for Heroes' as it became known. The purpose was to create communities and change the social fabric of the country. Hillfields was the first of its kind to be built anywhere and paved the way for social housing around the world.


The local authority held an architectural competition to design houses for the estates. Fourteen architectural designs were selected, and it was decided to build a ‘demonstration area’ of these buildings in Hillfields and invite delegates from across Bristol and beyond to view them. As a result, Hillfields was developed using the competition winners’ house designs, resulting in an estate with more architectural variation than any other inter-war suburbs.


In June 1920 500 delegates, drawn from across the UK, the British Dominions (Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand), Europe and the USA came to Hillfields to see a range of housing designs that had been constructed in what was termed the Demonstration Area. 


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